Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Plan of Attack

Well, tomorrow is the day to start applying. I feel apprehensive and excited at the same time--I wonder how quickly it will happen. I have visions in my head of applying and getting tons of response from potential employers. I am a natural optimist though, so hopefully I can adjust OK when things don't go as swiftly as my visions. It might be a good thing that it takes awhile, seems overwhelming to think of all the stuff we will have to do once I agree on a date to go over there--rent the house, finish loose ends all over the house, get a storage facility...just lots of running around.

There is no looking back now... I have been eager to do this for many months and now that the time is here, the second thoughts start to creep in. Isn't that how it always happens when we decide to make a big change in our lives? It's so easy to talk your self out of doing things! Damn! Must resist that, no matter how much my brain is telling me to slow down. It's like a salmon swimming up river--always pushing against the flow. That can be exhausting. i am thankful for Jenna to provide a balance. I tend to jump into things without thinking about them, but she mellows me out and helps me relax. I need that or I would be completely scatter brained.

I have a list of places to throw my resume out to, all online. How would this be possible without the Internet? Seems like a huge hassle. There is a great website for English speakers in Germany. There are tons of people on there giving advice, looking for jobs, apartment rental, etc. Very cool. So that will be the first place to post my resume....its called Toytown Germany. i will also put my resume up on Monster (the UK version, since it is difficult to navigate the German one. Employers are able to search them all). I have colleague that worked over in Sweden for 3 years--he was hired by a guy that places engineers in Germany and Sweden, so I will contact him...here is his website. Those seem like good places to start. There are lots of German agencies that I may try and contact too. It's Mayzie's birthday tomorrow, so we will be busy after work, and I really do not enjoy being on the computer at home after spending all day sitting on my ass in front of one.

More tomorrow or Thursday!

"the world is your oyster" whetevr that means. A big dead, hot oyster haha

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