Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bye Bye Passport

I really needed an excuse to post that photo in the blog. I still do not have an excuse for posting it, but I did it anyway. MY BLOG. I imagine that is how my courier looks upon his faithful steed, carrying my important documents to Deutchland.

Did you know that Portland has a functioning German consulate downtown? Neither did I. Once I had my visa application documents all ready to go, on Monday morning, I called the local representative, thinking it was some local German guy that will gladly take my money and documents for the delivery to San Francisco, where the real consulate is. Or he would just tell me to FedEx it down there. Nope! I called and a very nice German lady answered and told me to come into their office right away. So I left work for an hour and visited their very small office tucked away on the 16th floor of an nondescript downtown office block. Upon arrival, she sifted through all my documents and corrected some things, and had me fill out a couple extra forms. She was very efficient ( I love these Germans) and basically grabbed everything from me and made sure it was all there. She stacked all my papers and passport and that was it. She will mail all the documents to San Francisco, where they will courier my application to Stuttgart, where it will probably sit in a pile for a month. I hope not. The lady said that she would keep track of it and on November 24 I am to call and she will give me a status update. At that point, my future employer will contact the local visa office in Stuttgart and conduct a brief interview about me and why they need me, etc. She seemed very hopeful that I will have the visa before Christmas holidays. I hope so because I know how much time these Germans take off, I wouldn't be surprised if they are closed all December.

Jenna and I sat down and made a list of all the stuff we need to do--money issues, how to handle student loans, any other bills (online), what we are going to sell (couches, desk), and what we need to do to the house to prepare for renters. We are going to put a wall up in our garage so that we do not have to pay for storage, which after investigating, would cost us $180 a month. Hope we don't forget Oskar in there. So that's kind of a project, but wont be too bad. With the rain and the darkness, it is easier to procrastinate but hopefully we wont. There is no doubt we will be rushing around last minute.

The plan now is to leave Portland soon after January 12. That is if the work permit comes before Christmas time. I will need to give 2 weeks of notice at work. My mom is going to Mexico Dec 31 to Jan 8 so I had to promise and leave after that. 

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Marius said...

I didn`t realize that you will be leaving so soon.

Are you going to sell the table tennis table? That is a souvenir, not to mention the wrestling figurs.

When I`m first mentioning Wrestling. You have to check out Aranofsky`s new movie that will hit cinemas soon.

Good luck with everything!