Thursday, November 6, 2008

Contract Negotiation

I received the offer from Stuttgart last Wednesday (the draft employment contract). It was long and winded, but basically he offered a salary of 4.200 (they use periods instead of commas over there. I know, they are INSANE) euros [$5,500] per month for the first 6 months and after this period, he offered 4.600 euro [$6,000] per month. I counter offered with 4.200 euro for first 6 months, and the 5.000 euro per month after that. I also countered with additional benefits like $1500 for the cost of us to move over there (basically one way airfares and money for shipping a big box), language course for Jenna and I (for help in "integrating"...that's the key word so they think you will be staying for a long time), help with taxes at the end of the year, and help with finding and paying the deposit for an apartment after our 2 months paid accommodation is over. I let him dwell on that for a couple days and called him Monday. We settled on 4.200 euro a month for first 6 months, 4.800 euro per month up til month 9 and then 5.000 euro per month after that. And he completely agreed on all my other requests! Wow, maybe we should have asked for more:)

We agreed via email and he said he would send out the signed contract by Friday! It is refreshing to speak and write with someone who is true to his word and does not fill me with any BS...hopefully that is a German trait. So, upon receiving the signed contract and the police report that I requested last week, we can send off my passport and all the papers to the German consulate in SF. Then we will wait. So hopefully I can get the papers in by next week, and if its a 2 month turn around, then that puts us in the middle of January. We agreed on a start date 3 weeks after the work permit arrives, so we will not book any flights before that time. He offered the 2 month accommodation and language courses before the work permit comes through, which is very nice, but the consulate will have my passport so that would be difficult.

Jenna is excited now that this is coming to fruition. I think she is mostly excited to know that she will not be working very much longer. 

Here is the company website I will be working for:

More later.....

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