Saturday, November 15, 2008

Worrying About the Economy is for LOSERS!

I have lived my life in a perfect little vacuum of financial security--never had to worry about getting a job, never had enough money to worry about losing any, and I always felt completely independent of any financial strife going on in the world.  But maybe there really wasn't any financial strife since I have been working (1993). Anyways, I feel a little vulnerable now with this move to Germany and layoffs at Freightliner where I am currently employed and then I read stuff like this link:

Which is a pretty bleak portrayal of current German economic status. Seems like bad timing to me.  Hopefully this does not effect our plans, but it is a cause of concern. I am such an adult now! I discuss politics, the economy, and kids with other day you are young and hip and the next you are a regular old thirty something. ha! It happens quickly, but you cant tell that to a kidless 26 year old. In my little microcosm, I am worried about my work permit going through (because they have to prove that an EU citizen cant do my job, but if there are lots of unemployed people that that may be tough to do) and then my new boss finding me a contract at an automotive company, who seem to be hit pretty hard. Seems like a crappy time to be looking for a job or to not have a job. My job seems semi-stable right now at Freightliner so I guess if this whole thing falls through, we will have other options.

On a grim and selfish note: Now is a GREAT time to travel to Iceland! See, National Bankruptcies are fun! Seriously though, when we visited Iceland in 2001 we could barely afford to eat at the grocery stores and buy bottled water. I think we went out to eat one time in 10 days, it was so expensive. That is when the kroner was 60 to $1 US. Now it is 150 kroner to $1 US--so it would still be expensive, but maybe we would stay somewhere other than the youth hostel. One of my dreams is to do Iceland right....couldn't be a better time. Sorry, people of Iceland, for your troubles, but you provided an opportunity for people to actually afford to visit you. NORMAL people, like us.

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