Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Beautiful Mess

This is a picture of our house today. Those wacky newscasters said this is the worst storm in 40 years. Its most definitely the most snow I had ever seen in all my years in Portland. Crazy. I would say almost 2 feet of snow. Today was supposed to be my second-to-last day at work and they closed the place down. They are closed tomorrow, too, but I talked to a friend who made it in despite the closure, so I am going to make the effort tomorrow. I have so much to do, that I need a full day, and if it is quiet there, well, that will be even better.  I do not fancy the idea of going in for one day when the Christmas shutdown is over, after January 6. 

Had an awesome time out in the snow with Mayzie--she is very adventurous, which I am happy to see...she doesn't wimp out easy and is good for a snowball fight....awesome.

Felt good to have a full, non-weekend day at home. Got some stuff done inside and am trying to scratch off some of that list. Now its time for a Snuggie and some hot tea....

Happy holidaze, everyone!

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