Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Like Butter

Today is a big day! I was expecting some news form the consulate this morning, but was surprised when they called me. The lady on the phone was the one I met at their office 4 weeks ago:

"Nicholas? I have some bad news. You were not issued your work permit."
"What?" I said
"Just kidding!" 

Man, that is some messed up German sense of humor! I cant believe she did that to me. TERRIBLE haha but funny. Went down to the office on my lunch break and picked up the passport! Now its really really official.
So, tonight I booked our flights. We leave Jan 13, non stop flight from Portland to Frankfurt. $1255 dollars for one way tickets. I will worry about what we will do with Oskar as we get closer. That's only 5 weeks away. Lots of stuff to do. I am finding it hard to think about Christmas and gifts and writing cards...better get on that or they will all be late and gift cards galore will be distributed.
The secretary at my new job (Bettina) is a real gem of a person, and she is hard at work trying to find us a place in Stuttgart. Seems like she is having difficulty, so I tried to be specific about what we want. Furnished places are quite spendy so she was wondering if we wanted a non-furnished place. I don't really want to think about how much it would cost to deck out a full apartment. I know we would go to IKEA but still it would be expensive. So we would need a furnished place, at least for the 2 months that they are paying for it.  There are lots of crazy things about renting an apartment in Germany--kitchens are not included?!?! This means a copper pipe for the water is all you will see in a kitchen--no cabinets, sink, nothing. That is the weirdest thing, what kind of backwards country is this. Also they require a 3 month deposit on many places. What? That's alot of money down. I think you get most of it back but damn. So now we understand what Bettina is going through.
I hope we remain sane these next five weeks...it does seem overwhelming but I know we can handle it. I find myself easily irritated with Mayzie and I hate that feeling. I have like 5 different lists in my head and on paper, but keeping it all straight is going to be a challenge. I have not sat down and really relaxed for awhile....come home from work and take care of Mayzie, get her in bed by 9 and work on the house or take care of some computer business, go to bed late.
Speaking of that, its almost midnight now. Good night! More later


DarrenDriven said...

I can understand that maybe a house being purchased might have nothing in the kitchen, but an apartment!?! What do they expect of renters? You have to lug around cabinets and appliances everywhere you go? Too strange!

Nick said...

yeah its a weird system...alot of places sell the kitchen contents as an extra cost to renting an apartment. I have asked a few Germans about this but they cant really explain it. BIZARRE.