Saturday, December 13, 2008

Out the Door

I gave my notice at work on Thursday. Freightliner is closed for Christmas from Dec 23 - Jan 6 and I had anticipated going back the week of Jan 6, since we do not leave until the 13th. But Jenna and I realized that there will be lots to do, so we decided my last day will be Dec 23. That will give us plenty of time to get stuff together and gives us more of a chance to leave without being super stressed. That's only 7 more working days. I really haven't taken an extended break from work in awhile, so it will be nice to have probably close to amonth off before starting work in Germany. 

Feels strange to be quitting my job right now. I have finally made some real money, and with the economy the way it is, and the holidays coming up, it feels a little weird. It's nice to be able to talk about Germany at work and our plans--I have had many questions about why and how did you find the job and how many think it will be a great opportunity for me. I can also leave on good terms because its not like I am getting another job across town--everyone understands why I would want to do this and I feel  like I can be honest with why I am leaving. That's a good feeling. I got some feedback from my boss too, which is nice because sometimes I felt under appreciated or insecure about my job security, but he said they would hire me back if we ever got back to Portland. Because of the economic situation, they will not be replacing me, so I felt bad about that--kinda screws them up a little bit, since the group I am in will have to pick up my responsibilities. I don't think it is a huge risk quitting right now since I have a job secured in Germany, but nevertheless, it does feel like there is. Those are the kind of feelings that make lifestyle changes difficult, I suppose, and it is natural to want to stay in a comfort zone.

In other news, our contact Bettina has found us an apartment in Ludwigsburg, which is just north of Stuttgart:

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The apartment itself is OK--furnished, 2 bedrooms, on the top floor of a building so it's got some sloping ceiling lines which may prove difficult for a tall guy like me, but the location is excellent--right in the center of Ludwigsburg which is only a 10 minute train ride to Stuttgart. I am not even sure where in the area I will be working, so we shall see how good this location is, but what I have read of the town is encouraging. If its a long commute, I can handle it for the 2 months that my company is paying for it. There are many historic buildings and gardens and a castle right  in the town...I have even seen it described as "fairy-tale like". Sounds awesome to me. I like the idea of living in a nice German town full of character. Of course my romantic visions of the town and environs are going wild, but I do know that reality is mostly not able to live up to my vision, so we shall see. Bettina will check it out next week for us and let us know...hopefully I can get some pictures up on here.

Besides that, just plugging away--we bought some boxes, but they are still flat. We are going to have a going away party in January, but no concrete plans yet. I have a keg of quality Portland beer that I HAVE to get through before we leave haha. I am thankful that I am taking more time off than anticipated. 

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I'll help you with that keg, cousin.