Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Wait

Sorry blog (and masses!) for ignoring you. Here is a quick update....seems like things are flowing. I got word from Germany that they received my paperwork and passport and are processing it. My diploma was requested, at which time a mad dash through every single box we own commenced (sorry Jenna!). It turned up in the last box (as always) and I scanned it in and emailed it off to my contacts over there. I then was told that all is in order and I should expect my passport back no later than mid-January. So I guess it's official! I won't feel satisfied until I have it in hand, but I think its a 99% thing at this point. Jenna's last day at work is January 6, needless to say, she is very excited. Her work mates are throwing a party for her on Dec 19 at Gustav's (of course, a German restaurant). I am waiting until I get my passport back to give my notice. I havent told anyone at work, really. Dont want to burn any bridges so I hope 2 weeks is enough notice for them.

Now December is here and we are thinking and listing all the stuff we need to do before making a clean break in mid January. Jenna met with a property management company who told us we could expect between $1300 and $1400 a month for our house. They take 8% every month and do all the screening of the tenants and take care of any maintenance and check up on the place, etc. Seems like a good deal. Would be nice not to have to worry about our house, especially now that the place is pretty dialled in. We would need $1400 to cover all of our bills. So hopefully we can get that. The guy said that most places take 4-6 weeks to rent, so we should really decide soon if we are going to put it up. Another management company is coming over tomorrow morning so I guess we will decide then. 

Been scouting out flights--it will cost about $400 for a one way ticket each for mid January, so that leaves about $300 for shipping of a box (of the $1500 my company is fronting us for the move). We should be able to ship a fair amount for that much, by boat. 

More later....

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