Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another Day, Another Schloss….Jan 25

The beamer has been treating us good. It certainly doesn’t take much to see beautiful, classic German scenery around here. On Friday, we were planning on driving south towards Munich to drive around the castles near the Austrian border, but we were thwarted by snow and turned back. Our little car would not do well on ice, so we didn’t want to risk it. Never mind, we headed west towards the French border and wound up in a town called Karlsrue. We were desperate to get out of the car, and luckily we found a break in the rain to enjoy the zoo. We had the place to ourselves, basically and Mayzie enjoyed the camels and polar bears and gorillas. Its so much fun getting off the Autobahn and driving through small villages and towns…so many beautiful, timbered houses and castles around every corner. We found a medieval monastery called Kloster Maulbronn and also had the place to ourselves. It was dark, medieval, cold, and the twilight light cast some beautiful shadows and the eerie silence of the place was enchanting. 

Saturday was spent south in the Black Forest. Imagine heavily forested land like those in fairy tales, with small little hamlets tucked amid the twists and turns of the road. So amazing and indescribable.Mayzie only lasts so long in the car, so we did some small walks and wound up in another old medieval town called Rottweil, where the dogs come from. Jungle gyms out here are all custom made and smart. I can think of a few back in Oregon, but these places are dime a dozen out here. Seems like back home, most parks over use plastic for the slides and climbing stuff. Lots of wood out here. I think Mayzie appreciates it. After the park we hit this castle that can be seen 10 miles away. We have been to a bunch of castles in our day, but this rivals for the best we have ever seen. It’s called Burg Hohenzollern. The weather was clear and the light was near twilight. We toured the grounds and had a meatloaf, sausage, and beer dinner inside one of the wings.

Just as we are figuring out how long we can push Mayzie, we will be returning the car. Hopefully we remember for next time. It definitely takes some planning to make sure she is entertained as we are being tourists. She starts hitting the wall by 5pm or so and then it really is miserable for everyone. She thrives on a routine and we are pushing her to her limts by taking her out of a routine, but in situations like this, we need to find the balance. Sunday was better for that. We went south again to a small, medieval college town on the river Neckar, Tubingen., They have a beautiful walkway along the river so we drove the 45 mins down there and just meandered and walked. The weather was perfect. We had a falafel sandwich there (kinda burned out on the BRATS! Haha) and continued driving along the small wooded roads around there, getting home by 5:30pm. Mayzie was much better on that kind of schedule.

Returning the beamer tomorrow. Back on our feet again. I have 10 more days of no working so plenty of time to see some more. It feels really good to know that we will be here for an extended amount of time  and will be able to explore this area, it truly is beautiful. 

Missed my moms 60th birthday, feel kinda sad about that. Hope she knows we were there in spirit. We love you mom!


DarrenDriven said...

I looked up Burg Hohenzollern on Google and was treated to some unbelievable photos. When I visit I definitely want to try to head that way!

Nick said...

yeah, no probs, we would love to visit it again....