Monday, January 5, 2009

Pack Man

Happy New Year!

The packing onslaught has begun! You always have so much more stuff than you think. The more space you have, the more crap there is to fill it. Progress has been good, amongst the get togethers with friends and beer drinking, most of the daytimes have been spent packing since christmas.  My cousin Darren came over last tuesday and put up the wall in the garage in record time. 
Darren is a stud--I really appreciated his help. We had the wall up in 1.5 hours and then we went to THE DEPOT with his truck and picked up some sheetrock and hinges for the door. Another hour later, DONE! I started loading boxes out there yesterday and there will be plenty of room. Its much bigger than any space we would have rented. And it only ended up costing about $140 to build.

Darren also left his trailer for us to use, so we have been throwing away tons of old stuff and left over construction debris. It is very liberating pitching things into that trailer knowing you never have to deal with them again. This is a good chance for us to thin out all our crap. 

My beloved ping pong table is gone--freed by a craigslist ad. Hope he finds a happy home, even though he had physical health issues. At the least he would make good fire wood. We are going to sell our couches and our desk yet, so hopefully they will also go to good homes.

We leave in 9 days. Hard to believe. Most nights will be visiting friends and family, and all days will be spent finishing packing and touch ups on the house. We are very excited to be heading out on our adventure and are very happy to not be working for a little feels good to have time. 

There are lots of detail stuff that we have to do...get Oskar his travel papers from the vet, cancel all the utilities and get our house insurance switched to rental insurance. Haven't heard anything from the property management office...kinda nervous about that. We will pay January's mortgage anyway, so that leaves us til mid February when I hope we have it rented out or we will have to make some decisions.

No 100% confirmation has been given on our flat over there north of Stuttgart, but I am hoping all that gets worked out this week. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and stressed by all of the details, but if we just keep picking at the mountain of stuff to do, we should be fine. I keep telling myself that. It will sink in when we are on the plane, I suppose. We bought Oskar his travel carrier so that we can have him stowed under the set in front of us. He barely fits in the thing, he cant even turn around. Poor little guy. I hope he can handle 10.5 hours on that thing.

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