Thursday, February 19, 2009

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

(I had to Google for that one). My first birthday in Germany was a good one. 33 years old! Damn! Here is a picture essay of my day:

flower and a pancake breakfast

English speaking kid's group in Stuttgart. It's Carnival season, so they did face painting and one kid dressed up like a snowman.

Mayzie got a ladybug on her cheek. Classic choice, Mayzie!

Dinner and German cuisine at the Rossknecht brewery in Ludwigsburg. That is Jenna's huge Pork bone feast. It also came with saurkraut. Of course.

I had a sausage, potato, kraut, and mustard dish. Big portions. mmm. Mayzie had spatzle (egg noodle pasta dish with gravy on top)--free for kids under 6! Nice.

the beer list. Had the winter bock and the hefeweizen. Great local beers.

Jenna cooked me a cake. Double chocolate. From scratch. Hard to do over here when you don't know the words for baking powder and baking soda and cocoa powder. Good job Jenna. Thanks for a great day.

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Troy said...

Happy b-day, cuz! I just had mine too. Look at us getting old.