Monday, February 16, 2009

English Speaking Mom's Group

We hit an english speaking mom's group last wednesday in Stuttgart. It was interesting. There were 4 moms there, 3 British, and 1 German mom. 5 kids. All the kids were younger than Mayzie, from 15 months to almost 3. All kids above 3 in Germany go to school, so this kind of class is not needed for older kids like Mayzie, but she still had fun. The group was held in a room that is part of a commune of sorts, a very Euro idea of having a community center on the ground floor, a kindergarten on the second floor, and an old folks home on the topfloor. The idea is that everyone would mingle, but the ladies at the group said they had never seen any old people around. It's a really cool building though, with cafe and lots of toys and lots of kids running around. They have trikes and little bikes that the kids can ride around wherever they want. Anyways, we awkwardly found these 4 moms in this small room in the community center portion. They were all very nice, albeit a bit quiet. The German lady took us under her wing and talked and talked about kids and life in Germany and about how she will find out information on this and this and this and that. She was a bit out of control, mother hennish, but it was some good info. The other British moms kinda didnt say much, but we were too trapped by the German lady to talk with them. They were young and more mellow, so if we go again, maybe we can chat more. Got some good info about Stuttgart and some encouraging words about learning the language. One thing we found out was that kindergartens don't start until september, so it looks like Mayzie will not attend any school until then. Mayzie played with some new toys and some new kids, so it was worth it. All these ladies spoke perfect (to my ears) German, so if they can do  it, there is hope! They all had German spouses, though. The group meets every wedensday.

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