Thursday, February 19, 2009

German Grammar

If you notice, now that I am better at German, I must update the title of the blog from "zie" to "sie" to be proper in my germanic ways. I was aware of the discrepancy, but figured I would get around to changing it someday. Today I got an email from my friend Scott:

BTW, now that you are becoming more adept at Deutsch, are you going to correct the spelling error in your blog title?  I've given you leeway until now, dude, but no more.  The Germans would call you a disgrace.
So I had to change it. Thanks, Scott, and I am sure you appreciate everyone seeing what you write in your emails...this is a warning to all of you--I may post anything you send! haha


Liz's World said...

I zink zat zie waz better zan sie. Aber, zat iz only my zoughts on zie subject.

Anozer Amerikan here in Stuttgart

Nick said...

a comment from someone I dont know! OMG people are reading this, I better be careful what I say haha

Thanks for your advice Liz!