Thursday, February 19, 2009


There is an indoor playground in Ludwigsburg called Kikolino. We went to it last week with our friends Annett and her kid, but today I took Mayzie out there, while Jenna stayed home to knit and have some alone time. Germans do not put emphasis on curb appeal like we do in the US. This isnt the first time we have walked into an industrial area, with just an address, not seeing any signs, walking in the front door and being blown away that there is a business inside. It's very strange. We went to a bike store once that was deserted. No one around. There were paint fumes in the air and lots of construction going on. Since we trekked like a mile up hill to get there, we had to see if it was open, and the lone man in the building, says "Yes, of course we are open." Wow. But, I digress. 
Kikolino is awesome once you get past the un-kidness of the exterior. Its a kids paradise. 7 euros for the both of us and the kids go nuts. We're talking ball pits, trampolines, a huge slide play structure, with air cannons, a gian inflated aligator that eats kids up, a volcano slide, bikes and trikes to ride, and a little race car track. Everything is padded and safe. My nephews Tommy and Chase, especially Chase, would be kings of this place. Mayzie focuses in on the trampoline and the Pit o' Balls. And they have weisswurst and beer if you need a snack!

That's a kid who will sleep good tonight. Gute Nacht Mayzie!

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