Friday, February 6, 2009

Mellow Days

Been pretty chill the last few days. Found some fields nearby us to wander around and throw the ball for Oskar--he likes that. There are walking and bike paths everywhere--through fields and towns, along rivers and over hills...very cool to be able to get places that cars do not. We have toured some nearby towns recently by train (Backnang, Bietgiheim). Mayzie likes being on the train and seeing the trains whizz by her window. She always asks "whats the name of this train?" Or "What number we going on, Nick?" We bought a new stroller a few days ago, and we are all loving that. We just had a crappy umbrella stroller--I could barely push it because I had to bend down so far, and it's wheels were all messed up. At the rate we are using the stroller, we may as well have a good one. So we trekked out to a superstore called BabyOne in Stuttgart. We were surprised at the selection and found a decent one for 100 euros. Afterwards, we were desperate for food and could only see one restaurant around us...McDonalds. So, Mayzie had her first Happy Meal...she loved it of course, and was very happy. This MickeyD's was very well decorated and seemd to be a hip, fashionable place to go--exact opposite of home. I had this sandwich called the Big Rosti--schnitzel, bacon, and a hamburger all in one. Classic. Felt lame speaking english to the lady at the counter at a McDonalds in Germany, like its the only place we want to go here or something. I felt much more self concious, but reality was, it was no big deal. We were fed and happy thats all that mattered at that point! Hit the Towers Irish Pub in Ludwigsburg...had some fish and chips and a true pint of Guiness. That was nice. Also, hit a couple local breweries for some more German delicacies. Today we went to one in Stuttgart called Mash and I had no idea what I was ordering, just pointed, and she brought me out a pizza. That was weird. I thought pizza was an international word...didnt see that on the menu at all haha. It was good. We found an English shop in Stuttgart today, too. They had a bunch of postings on a board at the entrance for moms groups so we will have to get a hold of those people. Mayzie needs some interaction, for sure. 

We have a social event booked for sunday. Bettina has a friend who speaks great english and has a three year old (thats all we require to be your friend over here), so she set us up with them to have brunch. Should be fun to meet some new people and see how they live and have Mayzie have someone to play with. On saturday, there is a knit shop in a town not too far (Backnang) that is having a get together of english speaking knitters, so Jenna is going to go to that.

I am obsessed with obtaining a bike ASAP. These trails are taunting me, beckoning me...I need to be on them NOW. A little ray of sunshine peeks through the clouds and I need to be on a bike. I am yearning. I am specific about the type of bike I want, and unfortunetly, they are not easily available in this area...the Dutch Bike:
Seems weird to be so close to Holland, yet it is difficult to find the bikes here. We have found plenty online, so I think I will have to go that route, although it's a bit risky because of not being able to ride it, etc. We are thinking of going to Holland on a bike mission...kinda spendy for train or renting a car(would have to buy a bike rack), so not too sure if that will happen or not. We have the time! I have dreamt about owning a dutch bike for a long long time--one that will last me forever and be comfy, low maintenance... all the great things about this type of bike. I will pass it down to further generations of Big Kids. A mission will soon ensue, or some ordering will occur from the comfort of our apartment.

All else is neighbor issues for awhile. No word on jobs or anything--everyday at 5, I say to Jenna--"well that was a hard day at the office" hahaha. Laughing all the way to the bank. We'll see how long this way or the other.

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DarrenDriven said...

There is something very wrong that Mayzie had her first Happy Meal in Germany. But I guess that is somewhat better than having it here, right?