Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My New Bike

I finally received my fahrrad(bike) today! Herr Konrad Huff drove right up to our apartment and unloaded the bike from his large transport truck. His daughter lives near to us, so he went this route, rather than putting it in the post. Fine with me, since I did not have to do put it together at all...it was ready to ride. 

Some bike specs...61cm frame, 28" tires, fenders, 3 gear internal hub shifting, light that is generated by the front hub, disc brakes front and rear (no more calipers! yay!), chain guard, made in Holland, double tube frame, integrated rear wheel lock, rear kick stand...classic dutch bike. I would like to get a new seat eventually, and a better back light, and the rear kick stand is wobbly, so maybe a regular kick stand.

I immedietly set off for a 3 hour bike ride while Mayzie and Jenna were with our friend Annett. Seperated bike paths, signs everywhere....ahhh the pleasures of riding a bike in Germany. The bike infrastucture is not quite Holland, but it is much better than back home. I had the paths all to myself on this cold and rainy day and had a pleasant ride along the river Neckar. There were some pretty heady hills, which proved too much for my 3 gears. I guess my legs will get stronger. Cant wait until the weather is better and we are all out there....


Troy said...

Sweet ride, dude! Looks like the days of the cheapest REI bike that will fit you are over. Hopefully no more busted frames, broken spokes, or self loosening pedal cranks. You're riding in style now.

DarrenDriven said...

Nah, I bet he can still break it! Hehe... awesome bike man!