Friday, February 6, 2009

Taste Test: Radler (Alcoholic Sport Drink)

Do you drink water after your bike ride? Or maybe Gatorade? YOU ARE A BIG WIMP. You gotta drink a Radler:

For those needing an alcoholic head buzz, but also the refreshing taste of Lemonade, this is the drink for you. At 2.5% alcohol, it is nice and mellow (chick drink perhaps? or maybe for the under 10 crowd?) and is basically a standard Lager mixed with some fizzy lemon drink. Kinda tart, kinda sweet, but with a nice familiar beer taste. Strange, but good. Available at your local bike track. I bet they have these at the German equivalent of 24 hour fitness--no juice bar, a Radler bar! MAN UP. 


DarrenDriven said...

Sweet, I can finally switch from Zima to something a little more respectable!

Nick said...

haha yeah...this is much more en vogue than Zima :)

Troy said...

They need to make a Governator sponsored drink for post weight-lifting intoxication (you guys are close enough to Austria).