Sunday, February 1, 2009

Taste Test: Saurkrautsaft (Sour Kraut Juice)

I can't believe that this stuff goes.

Pour/Appearance: smooth, clear, looks like lemonade.
Aroma: like sour kraut.
Flavor: tangy, slightly carbonated, strong kraut flavor. SOUR.
Pallatte: terrible
Overall Impression: Disgusting. Wild. Do people actually drink this? I must find out. I could only take on's going down the drain. I like sour kraut, but in juice form? Who thought of this?

My declaration: if any of you come and visit and can drink a whole glass of this, I will buy you multiple southern german delicacies of unlimited value.


Anonymous said...

You are sooooo on!!! I can drink anything - except beer!! LOL!


Nick said...

whatever.'s like what i imagine drinking satan's sweat would taste like.

Nick said...

I read some more about it on this site:

"Along with Scottish haggis and Japanese clam jerky (seriously), the beverage known as kraut juice appears to have been created on a dare."

"Some people believe that kraut juice contains helpful enzymes and cultures which can aid digestion or relieve intestinal distress. A few sips of kraut juice taken before breakfast is said to work like an aperitif to settle the drinker's stomach. A non-alcoholic beverage made with kraut juice is also rumored to be a good morning-after treatment for a severe hangover."

maybe we should save it after all haha

Troy said...

Dude, I'm gonna destroy that kraut juice when I get over there.