Monday, March 30, 2009

Big Sigh....

Finally have some time to post. The last 10 days have been exhausting. Hopefully get back to some regular posts now. We are moved into our place in Tamm! Here is the google map:

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We rented a truck/van (like this) to pick up our ebay items. Worked out pretty good--our friend Matthias helped me translate and load the stuff. We travelled all around Stuttgart, North, South, East and West to pick up our cheap, used furniture. It was worth it. All the stuff is surprisingly quality, just a couple complaints. The computer desk I am on right now is starting to not smell like smoke anymore. That kind of stuff. We only had to go to the 4th floor one time. I was surprised--all these apartment blocks around here and we lucked out with 1st floor and garage items. I was dreading that. Our 1 euro couches are great and our 12 euro bed is awesome. That was a long day. We picked up all our boxes from our other apartment and moved them over here while we had the van. No more angry neighbor and 5 floors of stairs! Oskar can pee freely now, just open the door for the lil bastard. :) We also made 2 trips in 3 days to Ikea. These are not just pop in and pop out trips, either--we spent probobly 6 hours each time in there! Luckily Mayzie likes their meatballs. We had to rent a truck from them for 1 hour to get all the stuff home. Scheduling that and dealing with people being late, means lots of waiting around for the truck. Sure is a hassle not having a car sometimes. I had to return the bed slats that we bought, and had no is how it went down when I came back with the correct bedslats, in MUCH larger packaging. It worked, although I must say that my quick analysis and engineering intuition was being questioned the whole ride home. These things were heavy and long.

Anyways, we are pretty much moved in--still need a rug or two and something for the walls, but we have everything we need. Even German satellite TV with 500 channels of nothing. Gotta get better at German to appreciate those. Our friends the Linke's let us borrow their clothes dryer (yay no more leaving the clothes on the radiators for 2 days!), bed mattresess for us, and dining room chairs. They are so good to us. It almost feels like they feel sorry for us sometimes "Poor American refugees, they have nothing--we must help!". Mayzie loves her room--I must say it is the best room in the house. 

Today was a beautiful spring day and we all spent some time outside in the back gardening (Jenna and Mayzie) and cleaning up the bikes (me). It felt really good to be here today in our new place and we are eager for some good weather, it has been a ridiculously long winter. Too long. Even went for a nice bike ride through the old part of Tamm, which we didnt even know existed.

Nothing new on the job front...all of our eggs are in our German basket now so I hope the basket don't fall, if you know what I mean. They did send me to Hamburg for a 1 day training class on wedensday. The topic? TAKSYS. I have no idea what it means, but it was a course on Airbus' (the airplane company) drawing and documentation system. Not sure if they are thinking of me for some aerospace jobs ( I have no experience) but I am open for that, for sure. The class was boring and was something you could learn the first day on the job (it is actually similar to Freightliner's outdated documentation ssytem, so I knew its idiosyncracies), but I met some cool people that are all in the same boat I am--getting paid but not working. Nice to know that I am not the only one who will get screwed if this all falls through! That was a long day--a 1 hour flight at 6am and return back at 8pm for a 3 hour class. Luckily beers are so easily available and cheap--had a few with my German travel mates while we were waiting at the airport.

My friends in Agalloch are on tour throughout Europe from March 21-29 so I saw them on two of their dates. The first one was up in Wurzburg (2 hours north by train), where I met a friend of Jason's who snuck me into the hostel after the show so I could get some sleep. The show was awesome, but I didnt really think about where I would stay the night (I kind of get a weird satisfaction of doing things spontaneously..I so rarely do this that when I am by myself now, I put myself in these kind of situations, just to see what happens. It so rarely works out..I end up sleeping in a field or in the train station, but this time it worked! If I had plans, I would have never hung out with this guy!). I was kind of expecting to be waiting at the train station after the show and hanging out, until the first train back at 6am. So that was cool that he snuck me in. This guy was great--from Montana, been living in Germany for 6 years--he is some kind of atmosphereic chemist.  The other show was a 5 hour train ride north, near Dusseldorf. Another great show, but I caught the 3am train back that time, so I got some sleep on the train, but still pretty tired. It was great seeing those guys and Jason and I had some beers and a pretzel and some good conversation. First visitor (kinda)! It's really cool seeing old friends having such success with their band. LIVING THE DREAM haha (aren't we all).

Gearing up for Mayzie's first day at kindergarten on wedensday, April 1. We are very excited for her, and are confident she will thrive there. Last tuesday we went in for a tour of the facilities and they are so great. Everything is small(chairs, toilets, benches, doors) and there are tons of activities and crafts there and the playground is immense. There is a little bike track that goes around the building. So cute. One of the 3 teachers that she will be with speaks OK english so we were able to communicate. We told her to not speak english to Mayzie unless she has to, so Mayzie will be blowing us out of the water with her German skills soon. There are 22 kids for 3 teachers in her "module". She will go 9am-1:30pm everyday. They feed her lunch, but we will eat breakfast at home or we pack something for her. Jenna took her last friday to a meet and greet kind of thing with the other kids for a couple hours. Guess Mayzie did pretty good, except for when it came time to eat lunch, Mayzie wanted to keep playing and had a fit. So there are some things that she will need to work on. Our friend Annett gave us a gift to give to Mayzie after her first day at school--some tradition they do here. Not sure what it is, its all wrapped up. Those kinds of things make me appreciate Germany. Like this easter egg tree...


DarrenDriven said...

That is exactly what I need to learn a foreign language... immersion in kindergarten!

Troy said...

Wow dude, I have a whole new appreciation of what it means for kids to have a fit now from my job. I'm guessing Mayzie's fit was on the mild side.