Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Forlorn Calculating Device

Once my soulmate, my work buddy, my tool of choice. You were my companion in the ebb and flow of decimal places and millimeter/inch conversions. We were a fantastic team. Now look at you. Relegated to the toy shelf in Mayzie's room. I am not in a huge hurry to use you everyday again, but I do wonder when that day will be. Soon, you may get called up, summoned to perform and consistently provide a thankless task. But, I am thanking you now! Godspeed to your return, calculator. And please do not break under the pounding hands of our 3 year old. She does not appreciate your abilities. Stay strong!


Liz's World said...

Ahhh Nick, you have taken me down memory lane! Back to a time when I was five and my father found his calculator on my toy shelf and showed me how to write "hello" on it. A bonding experience between father and daughter that should have found its way into the lyrics of "Butterfly Kisses".
Thank you Nick!
point 1134

Troy said...

You better keep it away from the apfelsaft.