Friday, April 17, 2009

Damn Germans! Pt.2 ....Family Day at the Movies...Spoiled by the SYSTEM

A rainy, dreary day in Southern Germany. A good day for a family day at the movies, right? There is an English cinema is Stuttgart that is playing Monsters vs Aliens, the latest Disney movie. I went onto their website to find the time and how to get there and I notice the rating of the movie...FSK 6. Further perusing of the site and I found this:

German Movie Rating

The American PG is quite similar to the German FSK. In Germany, an Organization named 'Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle' passes each movie with an individual Rating, based on child protection laws.

  • FSK 6: no children under 6 years are allowed to see the movie, not even with their parents.
  • FSK 12: children older than 12 are allowed to see this movie. Children between 6 and 11 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • FSK 16: no person under 16 is allowed to watch the movie.
  • FSK 18: no person under 18 is allowed to watch the movie.

For FSK 16 & 18 you may be asked for a document to verify your age.

NOT EVEN WITH THEIR PARENTS! No way, I say to myself. There is no chance that they actually enforce this. But to make sure, I went to our trusty english speakers in Germany site, Toutown and I found this posting about it. It's a good read. Basically....they enforce this rule! So I can't take my own kid to a movie that is (I am sure, it's frickin Disney here) violent or nudity or whatever else these raters think is bad for kids. Wall-E and Ice Age had this same rating! And these are a couple of Mayzie's favorite movies. Insane. 

So no movies for us until she is 6? Luckily she's a big girl...maybe when she is 4 we will try it. I would try it now if my Deutsch was better...don't feel like trying to argue with sign language and broken German skillz.

LAME. #1 rule in Germany? Have patience. With EVERYTHING.


JWW said...

HA! Thats insane, but man, those Germans have the craziest ass rules. Remember the nonsense we had in Hamm getting the beers at the venue, and at Wurzburg with the Fan or whatever its called? CRAZY

Troy said...

Dude, try it anyway and just say she's 6. Put a hat on her or something. Are they going to check her license?

Tim said...

Damn. Not surprising though.

My Dad used to take me to 'R' rated movies when I was like 7. Not that THAT specifically is a good thing. But he could is my point :)

David Duran said...

What would happen if you did get your daughter in and then after the movie the theater, they somehow found out that she was not old enough...... Would they call the cops and you'd get fined? What's the downside to all this? Damn Germans!