Thursday, April 30, 2009


You ever think you see someone you know? This is happening to us all the time. On the train, in the park, at the Rathaus. I have seen my friend Steev's girlfriend Christine, I have seen Doug Timms, my friend Chad, I have even seen my mom. All German versions. But then I think to myself--"cant be, we are in southerm Germany. What are the chances." One of these days, it will actually be that person. That would be a trip. Ever expectantly run into anyone in a far away place? Of the top of my head, the closest we have come is this chick we met in Thailand a few years 6 months after we saw her, we were on Hawthorne in Portland and there she was. That was weird.

If you ever see John C Reilly at the might be me! (I dont think I look anything like the guy, but people have told me that). Actually I would probably not be at the mall...maybe you will see me/him at a 50 cent show.


DarrenDriven said...

I don't see the resemblance with you and John C Reilly. The other day someone told me that I looked like David Spade. WTF?

Tim said...

I'm surprised you haven't thought you had seen ME yet. It seems to happen with my friends who live far away from me a lot. My Mom said it's probably cuz I have a generic face :*(

David Duran said...

I knew you were famous! J/K He's no Big Kid and there's only one Big Kid.....good old Nick.