Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fünfzig Cent

Back at work this week. My boss is trying his best to keep me in Stuttgart, but there is no word either way...we are playing the wait-and-see game. The radio is playing while we work and a 50 Cent (fitty cent) song came on the radio and they called him ´´Fünfzig Cent´´. HA. I guess he is half a euro over here. More expensive than 50 cents!

Yes, German radio is as bad as US radio. There are some interesting German hits that we would never hear, but it is basically the same western pop music we would hear at the mall back home.


David Duran said...

Does Germany have a hood? You know, were all the gangers live? No what I'm saying, dogg?

fitty fo life said...

Ummm... nick, i'm offended... what do you mean US radio is bad? dude, you're talking about fitty cent. seriously, that guy is world wide. BIG TIME BRO!