Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Half 9

I was an hour late today for work. I was told to come in at "halb neun" (half nine). To me, this is 9:30. To the Germans, this is 8:30. D'oh! Am I delusional, or in the US if someone says half nine (which they never do), this is 9:30, right? It wasnt a big deal, but I thought it was funny. I couldn't explain it properly to my work mates and it felt like a lame excuse when I was trying to describe the situation. The ironic thing is we are learning about time in my Deutsch class...I should have known.


JWW said...

No Dude. You screwed the pooch. Half Nine i short for Half OF Nine, which is for sure 8:30.

Bad American.

Steve said...

Silly American.
Didn't you take any German before you moved over there?
I SWEAR NICK! That's the first thing they teach you!
Haha. I'm sure they'll take it easy on the new guy the first day.

Troy said...

Quit making excuses for being a lazy American. Mach schnell!

DarrenDriven said...

Half-wit means smart in Germany, too. :)

Nick said...

I think in England they say Half 9 and it means 9:30. Yeah, thats it.

Liz's World said...

8.15 = viertel Neun!
8.30 = halb Neun
8.45 = Dreiviertel Neun