Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stuttgarter Frühlingsfest

We headed downtown to Stuttgart's spring festival, the Frulingsfest (I can't type the umlats for the U on my keyboard ! lame! watch out google here I come.... Nope couldn't find it) on wedensday after work. Wedensday is family night, so rides and food and such are cheaper. Basically the place is a mini-Oktoberfest. We are talking rides for kids and big kids alike (ferris wheel, log ride, etc etc), carnival games (failed miserably to win Mayzie a stuffed pink unicorn on the dreaded "pop the balloons with the darts" game. She got a pen out of it. You can see it in the pictures. Sorry Mayzie), tons of food (if you call tons of food wurst and brezels), 4 huge beer tents...all spralwed out along the Neckar river. 

I am about to say something bold. This comes from experience. Oktoberfest in Munich is awesome, an experience that must be experienced(the atmosphere), but the Stuttgart Spring Fest beats it out!!!! I know, I know, this is blasphemous, but there are reasons...mainly 2. No tourists (Aussies, I am looking at you haha), and it's waaay less crowded. Granted on a saturday or friday night it is probobly very crowded, but why travel to Munich when you can have all the beer, rides, and games, crazy food...all right here. If any of you are going to visit, may I suggest during April (it runs until May 3), and we will hit it up. Preferably bring someone that can babysit and hates these kind of festivals, so we can thouroughly enjoy the offerings(no kids in the beer tents after 6pm). It's fantasy land--beers always at arms length, fatty German food, killer rides, corn on a stick, German people to laugh's great! I am sure with beer goggles on, it would be even better. Mayzie loved it, too (we bought her a unicorn balloon, to ease the dissapointment). Here's some pics. Notice the 1/2 meter Bratwurst and the very German ride names.

(feeling self conscious....) Do I write about beer too much? Man, I bet those of you who do not know me that well must think I am an alky. I have a passion for beer, don't forget. The flavors and the traditions. This does not mean I drink it all the time. Only 4 a day :) 


Anonymous said...

Even if you could type the umlats, I still couldn't pronounce the words!
Boy! I can't imagine how much more crowded it could get, it looked pretty crowded to me.

David Duran said...

Damn Nick, I'm almost done reading your whole blog. From start, Oct 2008, to finish. I'm at Feb. right now, right before your birthday. I can't stop reading it. Good stuff Big Kid. It's like a book I can't put down. I love the pix, videos and how you explain your thoughts. It's great.

You have it made. I love beer too. I only wish my wife enjoyed it as much as I do, She's not really a drinker. Especially now, she's still breast feeding.

You have a great family and a great mind. I know you'll never change. That's what's so amazing about you. Good stuff Nick.

Keep it coming. I feel I'm in Germany with you sometimes.

Later heeeeee,