Monday, April 13, 2009

WORK...comment on the comments

Thanks everyone for your advice, kind words, and even job offer. I really appreciate the comments and they help get a grasp of the larger picture. Jenna and I have decided the wisest decision right now would be to stay over here, with the hopes that things will improve soon. I need to find out this week if my rasies will still come through. If so, I don't think we will have any problem surviving the GERMAN DREAM, even with the 10% paycut. If my raises are not valid because of the situation here right now, then we set a date for the end of the year for a new job, or some additional influx of money (possible Jenna work--as my spouse, she is able to work wherever she wants. A few of you asked if Jenna can work as a nurse...the answer is yes, they need nurses bad over here, but the language barrier will be tough for at least a year, I would think). If that doesnt happen, than we will have to come home.

So our minds are eased for now...we shall see how this all unfolds. Now back to our regular scheduled programming of dorky posts.

Vielen Dank! Thanks alot!

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Tim said...

The language barrier would be a little bit of an obstacle, but if Jenna got some basic German down I think she would manage. There are many nurses at my hospital that barely speak English, and they seem to manage.