Monday, April 13, 2009

You want a tour of our apartment?

OK...check it out below. Notice the great parenting skills on display. PARENTS OF THE YEAR!!


Troy said...

Sweet dude. When Mayzie cries, just leave the house. I like it. I think you just need to tell her not to be crazy more often.

Nick said...

yeah, my authority over her is astonishing. Future parents take heed!

DarrenDriven said...

I was going to try to leave a video reply... but I couldn't figure out how to link it so I gave up. Great idea with the video walk-through! You should take you vid camera with you more often. I think everyone enjoys your narration. :)

Tim said...

Yeah dude, more narrated video footage please.

Your new apartment looks pretty nice.

Liz's World said...

Love the tour. Something that Germans NEVER-EVER-EVER do is give you the "grand tour". Ever.
Regarding the toilet, it is known as the SS. No, not that German SS, it stands for Shit-Shelf.
And Dude, you better sort that garbage. Yellow can for plastic, brown for compost, and blue for paper. The Black is for the rest. Which would be, like, Q-tips, and Always-Ultra-feminine-protection.
Failure to sort will bring the SS to your door. And I don't mean shit-shelf!!

Nick said...

CLASSIC, Liz...very is the SS now.