Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ferien in Deutschland

Holidays in Germany. There are alot of them. Seems like every other week there is another one. Tomorrow is a holiday, and because it is on a thursday, there is no work on Friday ("Bridge Day"), so 4 day weekend. I am not sure what holiday it is. Jenna's parents are in town tomorrow, so we will be driving up to Frankfurt to pick them up (1.5 hours drive). Hope the car makes it! I asked for some days off of work when they are here, and one of the days I asked for (June 1) is a holiday. Should have know. Of course, all shops and stores are closed, but its a good reason to hit a biergarten or a restaurant, unless you prepared and stocked up the night before. 

Happy Whatever Holiday this is!


cliff1976 said...

Enjoy it. Even after living here for 5 years, they sneak up on us sometimes too. All the train and bus schedules have different rules on holidays (not to mention the stores closing), so that figures in on the planning for us too.

The holiday today is Ascension (Jesus' Trip Up to Heaven or Christi Himmelfahrt). Coming up soon are Pfingsten (Pentecost, on May 31), for which you get June 1st off, and Fronleichnam (Corpus Christi, on June 11).

Nick said...

Thanks Cliff...thank God for holidays haha