Friday, May 15, 2009


Kindergeld (kid money) is the money you get in Germany when you have a kid. It comes to about 164 euros ($221) a month per kid. The idea is that the government helps with school supplies, school tuition costs, food for the child, etc. We applied for the money when we first arrived in January and we got notification last week that we would finally be paid. I was shocked to learn that they will pay us for the months up until now, from when we applied, and I looked at our bank account and we were 820 euros richer! Thank you German government and socialization! They also gave us a 100euro "kinder bonus" which I have no idea what that is for.

Better have another kid so we can get more free money! Seriously though, this helps us out alot. Mayzie's kindergarten is 100 euro a month (including lunch everyday) so a little extra cash is nice.

Here is a great article about how Germany is softening the blow of the economic crisis on it's citizens with built in aid for all...pretty cool stuff. They talk about the kurzarbeit, which is the shorterm working pay that I am on now....:

and while I am at it, if you have time and want to know why the Netherlands kicks so much ass and makes for the happiest people in the world (and the most free, in my opinion)...where it's ok to get taxed alot, because you know you will be taken care of in ill health and when you are old....check this out.

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