Monday, May 25, 2009

My Doitch Skillz

I am proud of myself, and must tell the world...I can read signs now (not all, only if they are written for children under the age of 10)! I was walking along the road, looked up at a billboard that I would normally glance over, but realized I could read the thing! Must mean my Deutsch skills are improving.

"Sitting on the train, rather in traffic. Gain more, ride the S-bahn."

Our courses are taking a break until June 8, so I hope I dont forget it all by then hah

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cliff1976 said...

Congratulations on the comprehension. That's a big step.

On your second sentence, I suggest

"S-Bahn passengers win every time."as the translation. "Gewinnen" can also mean to gain (as in profit), but I think in this case "win" is the better translation.