Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Forest that is Black

Spent some time in the Black Forest with the in-laws...specifically Triberg (Pronounced TREE-burg, whaddya know), home of Germany's largest waterfall (lets just say it is not even close to Niagara or Multnomah, but pretty nonetheless), and cookooo clock central. The town is very pretty, surrounded by forested hills, but very touristy. We wandered the shops and the falls and had some heavy german food (pork knuckle...including hair.... and fries, uhhg... getting burnt out on German food). I dont seem to be gaining too much weight over here, so the walking and biking must be balancing me out. hah, maybe I am delusional. The cookoo clocks are really awesome...the good ones are upwards of 500 euro. All handmade in the area. Of course I am too cheap to buy anything but a postcard.

It's a beautiful area and the curvy roads through villages are CLASSIC Germany. We stayed at a youth hostel in town. I think it was Jack and Rae's first youth hostel! They are the cheapest way to go in Germany (bunk beds, shared bathroooms) and cater to families and people of all ages, not just youths. I think they are mainly for school groups and such, but we always feel welcome in them. This one was OK, the worst part was that they didnt have any towels and since this was Germany, every store was shut after 8pm. We ended up using shirts and paper towels. Usually towels are included, not sure what that was all about. Not such a good intro to the hostel world.

Here are some pics:

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