Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So our 2nd set of Mayzie's grandparents are in town. My mom and Bill arrived 10 days after Jennas parents left. It is great having visitors... we are enjoying seeing new places and showing off some of the stuff we like around here. Also, its nice to have some help with Mayzilla. It is super hot and humid right now in the Stuttgart area. I took Mom and Bill for some walking and sightseeing this morning and by 1pm we were sweaty and exhausted. Our friends the Linke's said this was unusual weather, so hopefully it wont last. We are heading out tomorrow for a 4 day trip to Switzerland....back to the Alps. Can't wait. Hope the clouds stay home because we need some fine Alp views in our future. Regardless of that, it will be "amazing" up there...hah I use that word a lot. After that, M+B leave us for 1 week to Salzburg, Vienna, Prague, Berlin and back to Stuttgart. So they are packing it in.

I got word from my boss that they want me to start in Hamburg on July 13. So, it seems like this moving thing is really going to happen. I would not be surprised if something changes, but for now, I know that much. Its supposedly a 1 year contract, so they can garauntee the work for that long. I feel like a bull with his head down just plowing through all the obstacles until I reach the open green fields. "We shall see" is a common phrase right now and it holds true until we are settled, whenever that is.

Forget all that crap, I have a bunch of time off before the 13th (but no money haha), some visitors, going to Switzerland.... so we will try and enjoy it the best we can.


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