Saturday, June 20, 2009

Miniatur Wunderland

I was up in Hamburg for work all last week. Not alot of work in Hamburg, either, but I am showing my "flexibility" so hopefully that impressed someone. It was a waste of time, really, except that I saw a most amazing tourist attraction--Miniatur Wunderland. My good friend Matt Kenney drew my attention to this attraction a few months back, before I even knew I would be in Hamburg. This video, complete with creepy German narration, is basically what it is all about.

I spent 7 Miniatur Wunderland days (every 15 minutes it gets twilight, then dark, and then the sun rises) in the exhibit and this place blew my mind. So much detail and work went into these displays, and every model tells a story or is connected to the larger picture. From afar, the displays look great, but the closer you look the more little scenerios are played out. The cars are all stopped on a road...oh, I see, there is an ambulance coming. They are all there for a reason. Only in Germany would you find an exhibit like this--one where so much time, detailed effort, and thoughtful construction...all for a tourist exhibit. It's really cool to see them working on future exhibits and employees fixing any issues, running around the place checking and maintaining. If any of you are ever in Hamburg, I suggest you check it out. Here are some pics I took....

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