Sunday, June 21, 2009

Porsche Museum

Before Jenna's parents left, Jennas dad Jack and I went to the Porsche Museum, which is 10 minutes drive from our apartment. Newly opened earlier this year, this place was built by aliens.

All the classic cars are in there and lets just say that the architecture of the building is representative of the forthought, design sense, and ingenuity of Mr Porsche. This guy dreamt up the VW Bug and the first and classic shell of the Porsche, not to mention all the components and engines and hardware. All from some farmhouse in Bavaria. A genius and his kids were geniusess and now the company hires the smartest people in the country and puts out beautiful driving artworks and also design many things we dont even know about, like airplane cockpits. The epitome of German Engineering.

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DarrenDriven said...

Very cool! Porsche designs everything from sunglasses to yachts. I bet that was an interesting experience.