Thursday, June 4, 2009

Red Flag with White Cross

Spent a couple days in Switzerland, specifically the Interlaken area. To describe the scenery around here is pointless, I would end up using my limited vocabulary and silly adjectives like awesome and beautiful and amazing and breathtaking, etc. But it really is. Interlaken itself is an amazing (there is that word again) place, but once you leave the town and head up the valleys towards the big mountains, it becomes other wordly. Like fantasyland. Adult amusement park. Waterfalls, huge cliffs, epic cable cars, the greenest fields you have ever seen, and the most quaint little villages and houses this side of heaven. I will stop with the describing. See the pics below.

Me and Jenna fell in love with this area when we first visited in 2001. You know how you romanticize a place and have a vision in your mind of what it was like, even if you know your memories have been skewed by time and distance? Well I was worried that I would be dissapointed upon our return here (Interlaken is more touristy than I remember), but I wasnt. We visited a small village called Murren, as we did in 2001, and it is so peaceful. Carfree, the only way to get up there is by cablecar. Just birds chriping, 360 degree views of enormous Alp-y mountains and hikers. No motors, no noise (well, there was Mayzie wanting some Ice Cream). Clean, fresh air and perfect drinking water pouring out of spouts all over town. 

OK I have said enough. My mom and Bill will be here late June and we will be spending 3 nights in Murren...CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK. Things are pretty spendy around here, it is basically a huge tourist area, so they really get you with the cable cars, food and accomodation prices. But it's worth it. Due to trains, cable cars and busses, this whole area is super accessible...pretty rare that a place is so easy to get to and enjoy and it has not been ruined by tourists. Some would think it has, I would guess. All I know, is that we got up there high in the mountains with a dog, a 3 year old and 2 seniors without any issues and were able to walk around, enjoy the countryside and hop back on a cable car when we were done. Awesome (thats my favorite adjective).

The hiking signs (yellow) show walking times to destination. Signposts are everywhere and make it very easy to roam around mapless.

even the local shopping center gets into the signposts haha..."sek" means seconds.

love the shot above

stayed here in 2001...seemed pretty empty at this time of year.

the cable cars are huge and modern...50 people in each, I would say.


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Troy said...

Wow, that looks amazing. Awesome even. I had some friends that skied in Switzerland one winter. I should have tried that myself. I'll have to remember to check out Interlaken.