Tuesday, June 30, 2009


This place is 1.5 hours drive from our house and is CLASSIC Germany. Small, medieval town, cobblestones, so quaint and cute you just want to eat it up. Hard to believe that alot of it was destroyed in WWII. My Mom and Bill are here, so we all went out there for a look-see. Our visit coincided with a parade, too. The entire town is walled in, and the wall can be walked on for nearly the entire perimiter. We also hit up the Medieval Torture Museum here...check the pics. A highlight of Germany so far. I hope we can return for an overnight stay.

From the tower in the center of town

Shame mask

This Executioners Axe says "When I Lift My Axe, I wish the Sinner Eternal Life"

King: "Put them in the Iron Maiden." Bill and Ted: "Excellent!"

You would be put in this thing for your collar being too big or dressing out of your social status....right in the market square for all the village to see.

Mayzie LOVED the torture museum. :)

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