Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Strasbourg, France, right on the German border, 1.5 hours west of our house. Don't know why we waited so long to check this place out. It was a well needed EFG (Escape From Germany). So close, yet so different. The French cafes, mellowness, and architecture all made it a very relaxing day. We walked around the town, went into the stunning cathedral, had some crepes, and ate some local desserts. Jenna wants to live here. Anywhere but Germany :) Here are some pics.

Inside the massive cathedral.

Some medieval graffitti.

This was built the same year Bill was born ;)

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Troy said...

Jenna wants to live anywhere but Germany? I hear Portland's nice this time of year!

Wow, that cathedral is massive. The church musta had some pull once upon a time.