Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In the Middle of Difficulty, lies Opportunity

I think Einstein said that.

Thought I should post an update of what has been going on. I am up in Hamburg now for the second week in a row. Been flying back to Stuttgart on the weekends. The bad news is being away from Jenna and Mayzie, but we have full intentions of getting them up here as soon as possible. The good news is that I have a real job, and that it is interesting, and I will actually be learning something new. I am excited to be doing some Aerospace work, I have always been interested in how airplanes work, but for some reason, most of my engineering has been on the automotive side, so I am eager to learn as much as I can. Specifically, I am working on a project for the Airbus A350, which is a new plane (it has an extra wide body) that will rival the newest Boeing 787 plane, and is set for launch in 2013. I will be working onsite with a 3 man team, at Airbus, designing the hydraulic system (hoses, fittings, brackets) that supply the rear cargo door, the rear rudder, and the rear flap on the tail (called the elevator). Oil goes through these hoses at 5000psi! If the pace of work that I am doing now is any indication, this project will be pushed back by a few years. Lets just say that the gears of one of the largest companies in the world grind very, very slowly. In the past 2 weeks, we are still waiting for computers, passwords, and Airbus authorization to begin the project. But the deadlines do not seem to be moving, so we will be having to work quickly once all the approvals go through. Seems like everything needs to be requested, even moving some desks around, badges, oh man, things go slowly. The chain of command is Anaconda -size. But, it will be good once we start. Lots of waiting around right now. The project is expected to last 6 years, with the majority to be 1 year, at least. Of course, we won't be staying that long, but I am glad that this is something that will last, and will allow us to feel settled and to get in a grrove.

I am looking at an apartment tonight, that a lady at work told me about. She lives in this quaint, historic village, 15 mins drive South from the city and she has a neighbor that is moving out of the ground floor of a house, and will be renting it out. I drove out there last week, and the area is beautiful. Flat, perfect trails for bikes, countryside, thatched roof houses, brick houses, horses. Near to the train station, grocery stores, kindergartens, and it has a huge backyard. So I am hoping the the inside is as nice. The only problem is that it is not available until the end of September. My work said they will find us a furnished place until then, so that the family can move up. I will find out more tonight as far as dates go, so I will update.

Hamburg is a very nice city, and I am looking forward to showing Jenna and Mayzie around. I think they will like it. There is lots of water around, and it is more spacious than Stuttgart, and it oozes culture and diversity..I even saw what looked like a legitamite Vietnamese restaurant. Not even one piece of schnitzel on the menu!


Mike Whalen said...

Nick doing design work on the new Airbus? I actually did some design work on the new 787 Dreamliner. There won't be a safe commercial plane to fly on 10 years from now. Do your travelling while you can people!

DarrenDriven said...

Its good to know that you will be SOMEWHERE! Looking forward to Hamburg! See ya soon...

martina said...

Hi there, seems like you will spend some time in Europe, not just on one spot. We (me and Peter) are heading in 2 hours to Corsica for vacations.
have a good time in H-burg.Martina