Saturday, July 11, 2009

On Top of Europe

I want to write about our time in Murren but I really do not know what to say. My vocab skills are I will post this video of Mayzie. We took a venicular above Murren and did some walking around there, it blew my mind. In a place where every corner you turn can blow your mind, we managed to find this valley. The weather was perfect (it completely POURED a few hours after this) and we found a trampoline in the fields next to a restaurant up there (you will always find someplace to eat in Swtitzerland...this makes it seem like there are lots of people around, but it was very quiet up here). Mayzie did some jumping and we enjoyed the serenity and beauty. I COMMAND ALL OF YOU TO COME HERE ONE TIME IN YOUR LIVES!!!! Bill has travelled a bunch and he said that this is in his top 3 favorite places he has been, so that made us feel good about coming up here. For people travelling Europe, the tendency is to hit the big cities and the cultural things, while the Alps are overlooked. Trust me, pictures do not do it justice.

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