Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Teacher/Parent Meeting

Today was our first ever teacher/parent meeting at Mayzie's kindergarten. Jenna and I sat down with Mayzie's teacher Simone at the little table, on the little chairs, just like the kids do. It felt a little weird and awkward at first, like we were in trouble, but it was informative. Simone speaks enough English to get her point across, and we speak enough Deutsch, that we only needed the German-English dictionary for a few words. The meeting started off with Mayzie's history--"how was the pregnancy"--huh?, "how do your parenting skills differ from eachother"--Very different haha, "what are Mayzie's favorite things"--candy and TV, "does she get sick alot", "how do we discipline", "what are your favorite things about Mayzie", "what are your least favorite things about Mayzie" ....kinda like a job interview for a summer camp counselor or something. She later told us that this information will be passed onto any other kindergartens we may go to, so we wont have to do this everytime.

The part we were waiting for was Simone's observations and assessment of how Mayzie is doing. Mayzie does not hang out with any girls...she doesnt really play pretend or dress up too much, would rather be outside running around playing with the boys, or playing with blocks. She has two friends there that she constantly hangs out with, Finn and Fayn. Finn hasnt been there all this week and we found out that he moved to a different kindergarten so that he can stay there all day, since his parents both work, so now Mayzie has one friend, Fayn. Fayn hits kids alot and doesnt speak any German, so unfortunetly he is not the best playdate for Mayzie, but she likes him. Mayzie is on the dominating side, so she picks friends she can boss around. Simone told us that Mayzie hits kids sometimes also, not too much, but that she does. When Mayzie gets in an argument, she does not back down easily, and when other kids argue and fight, Mayzie will be right there telling them to stop it and telling them to be quiet. So she likes to be in control of all situations. Mayzie loves to sing and she is a good listener. She joins in very well with the group and gets along with all of the teachers. Simone was impressed with her Deutsch skills and said that Mayzie is fitting in well and said that the things that are bad about her are OK, but that we should know.

So thats that. Nothing we werent aware of already, really. She has always been agressive and strong willed. I like the independent part, but that could also lead to being overly strong towards others, which is no good. She is observant and learns from the other kids' behaviour, which is how she is learning hitting and Deutsch. Raising a 3 year old amongst a stressful and fluctuating environment like we are in is not the most ideal situation, but we need to try and stay aware and balance her out.

So to the dungeon she goes!

She looks even more like a boxer, with her first black eye! She hit her head on the sink at our hotel in Murren, barely cried and this is what she has to show for it:

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