Monday, August 24, 2009

Bathing in the Baltic

Rested our bike-sore buttocks on sunday and headed out of town with the car, to the northeast of Hamburg....destination Schwerin. On the drive there we passed the former border into East Germany, in place from 1945-1990. So this was our first visit to the East so far on this trip. Schwerin is a beautiful little town, which has a castle that sits on an island, surrounded by lakes and a harbor. We toured around the grounds, and had a picnic...too cheap to go in the palace...more old furniture and paintings of people we dont know, so it was easy to pass up. We have seen too many damn palaces and castles for it to make much of an impression anymore haha. Its the outside of these places that are more intriguing, anyway (watchout--all cheap asses have justification ready!).

Just 30 minutes north of Schwerin is the Baltic Sea, so we headed up there to check out a German beach getaway. We came across a beach on the island of Poel, just outside Wismar. Heres a map...

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It was a blast. Before we knew it, Mayzie was naked just like all the other kids in this water, nothing but a tube to keep her decent.

The sand was sandy, the water was pretty cold, so we just hung out on shore and watched Mayzie. There were tons of naked kids, kids peeing freely in the shallow water, which was kinda disgusting but kinda cool, in a west coast hippy kinda way. Many people were just changing their clothes right on the beach, no barriers or anything, so much T&A was on display. The Germans have invented this interesting beach chair thing, called the Strandkorb (beach basket). It is basically a little shed that unfolds and becomes a covered lounge for 2.

After exiting the water we had the obligatory fish and chips and ice cream. The weather was perfect--75 degrees or so and partial clouds. I know Mayzie would like to spend more time at the beach, so maybe we will hit another one this weekend...this time on the North Sea coast...sounds damn cold!

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