Monday, August 31, 2009

Looking Forward, Part II

Forgot to mention the impending arrival of one Darren Seeman, cousin of mine and purveyor-of-many-comments-on-Nick's-blog. We welcome him to Hamburg for his first ever trip to Europe! I think he comes Sept 10 or 11. Should be awesome...we have lots of ideas of where to take him, and many fine German brews will be consumed (wanna babysit dude? haha just kiddin)

Also, I forgot to mention our Czech friend Martina (SORRY MARTINA!!!)...I hope we can see her, too, before too long...I know she would want to meet Mayzie, and we havent seen her since 2002.

Here is a good pic of Jenna in Hamburg Rathausplatz...

1 comment:

DarrenDriven said...

Don't let that Darren guy in... he will drink all your beer, for sure!