Sunday, August 30, 2009

Summer Twilight

I hope summer is not over yet, but this weekend was all rain and clouds. There is a large, open park near us where they had some huge swinging structures and zip lines. We attempted to fly a kite that we bought recently here, but the winds were not constant enough, or the kite is too cheap. Probobly the latter. Today we went to a neighboring town called Luneburg, but the rain drove us back to the train after 1 hour of wandering in the cold and rain. I have a monthly discounted train pass through work that allows me to ride all the trains in Hamburg, and on the weekends the family is free, so for 40euro a month, its a great deal. The busses and trains here are super efficient, of course.

Life has slowed down a bit and we are getting more into a routine. Most days after work are taking walks, eating some cheap dinner (had some great Turkish food in Altona, and found a frozen yoghurt joint, and we had a real BURRITO this week!), going for bike rides, and watching movies after Mayzie goes to bed. Work is going well, its busy and the people I work with are nice. This week I had some MORE Airbus really is ridiculous how many training sessions they put you through...just waiting for the "How to Properly Use the Bathroom Facilities" 3 day training seminar. I met a couple guys from China, a guy from Kazakhstan, and another from India. I think the thing I like most about being here, is that I feel closer to the world. Closer to other cultures and different persepectives.

Mayzie started her kindergarten on friday. The place is up by our apartment that we will be moving into in October, a 30 minute drive from home now. So Jenna will be doing that everyday until we are moved closer. Mayzie seemed to enjoy it--she is in the Elephant group, and Jenna was planning on being there with her for her first day in the new environment, but Mayzie settled in quickly and Jenna left after 30 minutes. Most kids are 3-4 years old.

We attempted to sign up for our language classes, which start Spet 7, but all classes are full, so we will have to wait until November. Gotta be on the ball in the big city, I guess. So that sucks, but it gives us more free time, so its OK. Oskar is doing good with our friend Lena...we were going to go see him, but we agreed that he may be depressed if we had to leave him again...guess it took him a few days to be normal, so I think thats the best decision. We are enjoying our freedom, I must admit. It is much easier to go out, or on the train, without worrying about Oskar.

Should have my payraise come through on the September 1 paycheck, so we are looking forward to some extra cash flow. It has been very tight here, which makes it even harder, since there are tons of things we would like to do and buy. We shall see if anything changes.

Looking forward to a week in Holland/Belgium in late September, and a week in England in October for our good friend Michael Tomlinson's wedding. Cant believe we have been here 8 months and not seen the Tomlinsons, or my friend Radim in the Czech Republic. Hopefully we can see him soon, too.

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HalfRack said...

Oh I love Hamburg! Lots of Doner Kabobs yes? Cheap eats & a great bazaar on the weekends. Glad you guys are settling in there...sounds like you are coming into yourselves.

all the best....