Thursday, September 17, 2009

Losing Friends and other random updates

It has been awhile since an update, we have been super busy and we leave for a 10 day trip to Belgium and Holland tomorrow morning, so before I fall way behind, I will just list some recent going-ons.

--We are not moving to the countryside, after all. We had planned for a move south of the city on October 1, but near the last moment, we have decided to stay in the city. We found a nice apartment near to where we are is a really great location, close to everything, and is a good price. We really are enjoying Hamburg and feel we should stick close in if we are going to get the most out of our time. We move in October 1.

--Because of this, we really pissed of Lena and Dagmar, who have been our helpers with all of the beuracracy and business stuff, and whom found us our place in the country, that we now do not want. They took it very personally and have pretty much not been in contact with us since we have told them about this. We feel very bad and have emailed and apologized, but they are being very German and inflexible and a little bit un-business like about the whole thing. Hopefully time will heal this wound and it will not be awkward when we meet again. They are great people, and really, our only German friends here, so it would suck if they do not want to help us anymore. Lena still has Oskar.

--Also because of this, Mayzie will have to move kindergartens again. There is a kindergarten, literally, across the street from our apartment, and we are meeting with them tomorrow, so hopefully we can get in. This would be a convenient 2 minute walk from our door. Poor Mayzie though! We feel terrible about moving her again...I hope she doesnt hate us. 3 kindergartens, 4 moves to different apartments, all in less than 10 months. She is doing very well at her kindergarten in the country (if you dont follow all of this, we completely has been a crazy year, and we can barely keep up with the changes. I like change, but this is too much change) and we know that this will be the last move of any kind for awhile.

--My cousin Darren graced us with his presence for 4 nights during his European vacation. We had a great time exploring by bike, boat, and ship. We drank beers outside, on the bus, on the ferry, and came across an awesome outdoor rave, punk rock street festival. I cant explain it, it was amazing. We found a 100 year old car tunnel and took the elevator up the highest church steeple in Hamburg. We ate hamburgers and turkish food and even some schnitzel. Took lots of pictures of graffitti and German cars, this guy is a car freak. Darren is a great guy and we had a most excellent time...he is in Amsterdam now, back home on the weekend. Mayzie loved having someone else besides us to hang out with....

--I bought beer for 15 year olds! Me and Darren saw these kids in the Getrankemarkt and they awkwardly approached me in perfect english to ask if I could by them beers. Of course! So they hand me 5 euro and a 6 pack of Becks Ice--2.5% alcohol. Why are you drinking this crap?? 16 is the drinking age over here...I bet their dad would have bought them that stuff. Like drinking flavored water. They were stoked.

All else is good...we are really enjoying Hamburg. We went out to a Pakistani restaurant tonight with a friend of Jennas from the American club, and her German husband--our first time out with locals since we have been in Hamburg. We look forward to settling down long as I dont piss off any more Germans (like this crazed swan), we should be OK.


Troy said...

Ahh, there's D. I was wondering if he made it to your place or if he just go lost in the hustle and bustle of Europe.

MJ said...

I just KNEW the first photo of Darren would be with Mayzie. He just loves kids...almost as much as he loves beer! Glad you all had a good time. Love ya, Mom/MJ

DarrenDriven said...

I had TOO much fun over there man! Thanks again for being an awesome host.