Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sehr Billig or Hurry up and Pay Us. NOW!

In a land of taxes, fees, deposits, and fines, it is nice to know a few things are cheap here in Germany. Here is the list so far:

1. Beer (50cents a half liter bottle, on average)
2. Ice Cream (70 cents a scoop with cone)
3. Car vacuum at gas station (50 cents for 5 minutes, at least)

A good example of the illogical way that things are done here is the apartment deposit (or kaution as they say here, but I say "caution" as in "watch out, these bastards are going to screw you!"). When we moved to our apartment in Tamm, we needed to pay 2 months deposit, which was 1700euro. They were very antsy and pressuring us to give the money to them ASAP. "Where is the money". Ok, here is your deposit money. Now, flash forward to the present. We have been out of the apartment since August 9. Where is our deposit now that we moved out? I have to pull teeth to get anything from them. Then when I do bother them about it, we get the answer that it is standard in Germany to give back half of the deposit right away (we still do not have it, and it is almost October), and give back half when all of the bills have come through--AT THE END OF THE YEAR, or even later. They are telling me, late January, for the second half of the deposit. IN the meantime, our new apartment needs 3 months deposit, or 2034euro! So we are waiting waiting for the half of the old deposit to be returned to us, and then we have to scrounge money together for the rest, to make the 2034euro, all this by October 1. YOU JERKS. "Thats standard procedure in Germany". Whatever.

So we take anything cheap that we can get over here. Thats my rant for the day.

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DarrenDriven said...

Did I mention my friend deposit? I've been waiting for that...