Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"American" items

Here is American pizza...

McEnnedy's! And guess what type of bread is American bread? Yup, pure white sliced wonder style bread. SAD.

This leads to a discussion of some interesting topics. Because of the media coverage of the US and all the movies and crap sitcoms that come from the US and are shown over here, many people that have never visited the US have a vision and knowledge of the states that is slightly skewed. Of course, their vision is stereotypical and really has no basis on the realities of how normal people are living. But isn't that what we do with countries we don't know about, but hear alot about in the news--mainly Middle East? Its a huge relief to travel and realize that the stuff you thought you knew was all misconceptions, that people are basically the same...we all want the same things and are good hearted. Travelling and exploring this world is a great pleasure, and if we let the news and media dictate where we should go, than we would all stay home in fear. And we would think Americans love white bread and McDonalds....well, maybe we do?!

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