Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween German style

Here was Mayzie's costume...Scooby!

Halloween is a young holiday over here. The commercialization of the holiday is nothing...basically you would not be aware of the day unless you saw the few kids wandering around the streets, asking bakeries, grocery stores, fruit stores, and any store that is open for some candy. Kids didn't really have costumes...mostly face paint and some Scream masks every now and then. It was weird and awkward, walking down the street at 7pm, hardly a dressed up kid around, walking up to the counter of a bakery and not knowing the german phrase for Trick or Treat, but them not caring, handing over a lollipop. We are surrounded by apartment blocks, so it would be silly to ask the guy on the 5th floor to come down and give some candy...I guess thats why only the stores were handing out.

There will be bigger and better Halloweens in the future, Mayzie, dont worry!

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