Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hamburger Dom

Hamburg's winter festival is in full effect from November 6-December 6, filling in the cold rainy days until the xmas markets start at the end of November. It is normal German festival fare--pickle stands, corn on the cob, bumper cars, beer tents, crazy amounts of candy and fun foods, wursts of all kinds. The regional differences are more fish stands up here, and the seasonal differences are Gluhwein...basically hot red wine mixed with rum, served in a ceramic cup. It tastes really good on a cold night like we had when we went to the Dom. We hit the ferris wheel, all the small kid rides (no teacups for me), and had some beer and German quick food like the fish sandwiches and XXL Wurst in bread. Not a bad night! Wednesdays are family night, so some things are cheaper, so we will go again, I am sure, before the thing ends. Mayzie loved it! It is merely 8 quick stops on the U-bahn from our house, too, so its easy to get to.

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Troy said...

You would snap a pic of Mayzie on the American Express. Typical American. Sheesh.