Saturday, November 14, 2009


Because of Germany's recent past (that whole war thing), showing any outward signs of patriotism is not something you see anywhere. I am sure it is frowned upon by the current government, for the obvious reasons. But patriotism is shown in different ways, not in the flag flying, pledge your allegiance chanting, QVC selling crap flag pillows, etc etc that we see in America. One way Germans show patriotism is in their cars. Seeing a non-German made vehicle is rare. Its their flag, saying "We are German, and proud". In America, you see US flag magnets on a Toyota. In Germany, the car is the flag. Another way is the whole following of rules thing, the orderly, law abiding way that things are done over here. This makes them very proud, and I know that this is a sign of patriotism, because they know that no other country in this world waits at the red crossing light when there are absolutely no other cars around.


Troy said...

Interesting. The next time I am faced with someone with a overly developed and misplaced sense of patriotism, I will be able to use the current culture of Germany as an example why one should be careful. They've learned to curtail displays of patriotism having learned from their own sordid history, and our nation would be wise to take notes.

Tim said...

Buying American cars is something a lot of "patriotic" Americans do here too. Doubtful you'll find some right-wing redneck driving a Toyota. Serious. Typically gonna be a Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado, or Dodge Ram.