Sunday, November 8, 2009

Schön Wochenende

Well, it's 4:30pm and dark already...a cold, mellow weekend in Hamburg. We explored the area by bike for a few hours today and are now at home, staying warm and relaxing. Mayzie is awesome on her bike...we rode for quite a distance today and she hung in the whole way. We tired her out big time, because she is zoned out on Scooby Doo (thanks to the english cable tv package we now have! We have BBC, National Geographic, and even, the novelty of it all!)

Things have certainly calmed down and having a patch of smooth sailing has been a relief. Everything is stable, a feeling we have not had in quite some time. Job is good, Mayzie's kindergarten is good, our apartment is great, and Jenna has been quite the social butterfly...hanging out with at least 3 different people each week. All ladies she has met through the American Womens Club. (I must say that this is against her nature, to seek out Americans to hang out with, but becoming friends with locals has been difficult and we are just trying to enjoy our time here, to make it as easy as forget all that.)

Because of barely scraping by with money, we have no travel plans right now. We are looking forward to the christmas markets and endless holiday activities around here. Mayzie's kindergarten had a lantern festival on friday. We are not sure what the symbolism is, but all the kids made lanterns at school and walked around the neighborhood, singing and swinging the lanterns. Pretty cool experience. Especially seeing Mayzie sing all these German songs. She has learned alot of the language, more than we have!

So life is good over here...actually having some moments to read, relax, and focus more on things besides all the BS that has been distracting us from enjoying our time over here. Is that vague? :) Otherwise, I would write 4 times more than what is on here. For all the regular readers, I guess there is still something to talk about, whenever we see you again.


DarrenDriven said...

Glad to hear that everything is settling down. I like the updates even when they aren't profound.

Anonymous said...

my english ist terrible, so i write in german. maybe you understand...

durch zufall bin ich auf deiner seite gelandet und habe gelesen und gelesen und gelesen. ich verstehe nicht alles, aber sehr viel. verstehen ist leichter als sprechen bzw. schreiben. es ist lustig, aber auch sehr interessant, was und wie du über deutschland schreibst und denkst. und ich bin erstaunt, was du schon alles gesehen hast. Oh, by the way: danke! toller blog! ich werde sicher noch öfter hier lesen. ihr seid eine sympathische familie :-)))
Liebe Grüße aus Trier/Germany

Troy said...

Dude, that's great that you get a bit of smooth sailing. Don't worry Jenna, we won't judge you. There's not much point in sticking to those principles if they don't do anyone any good.